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Maternity session- what to wear?

When I just started my business one of the first things I knew is that no clients of mine will need to worry about what to wear to her maternity session! I remembered how I hated my own maternity clothing, wearing practically the same 2-3 outfits every week and imaging the day I could wear normal clothing😊

I couldn't imagine taking pictures with those clothes nor spending money for clothes I will use only once (especially those amazing maternity gowns). My goal is for my clients is to feel pampered, beautiful, sexy and special in their session/

I started to build my wardrobe for maternity sessions with variety of styles, colors, sizes. Some of them fit for studio session some more to outdoor, some are more practical with children and some for private semi nude poses. The collection is always growing and I believe every woman can find something for her self to feel gorgeous and have lifetime memories.

I always help my clients coordinate their entire family wardrobe for the session.

In the images, Amber and Bella in a spring maternity session.

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