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"5 Essential Tips for Finding the Perfect Newborn Photographer"

You probably already scrolled through hundreds adorable newborn images on social media during your pregnancy try to envision how your baby will look like and how amazing will the images look like for them.

So how should I choose the right photographer?

1.     Choose a photographer that while going over their website and social media and it very clear that their that's specialty! Newborn photographers, unlike any other photography specialty, require vast knowledge in newborn safety. This is #1 priority, is my photographer handle newborn frequently? How many years of experience do they have? don't be embarrassed to ask those questions.

2.     Do I like the style of the photographer? Every photographer has in own style that he feels comfortable with, it can be in the colors he tends to use, props, poses etc. Have a discussion with your photographer on that, check if he is open to any new idea, you might have or if you can bring your own prop/outfit. I personally encourage my clients to feel free to share any vision they have about the session, any personal pros they might want to incorporate in the session. In this image mom brought a special toy that ran in the family. I LOVE it! Make the session your own. Check out my portfolio

3. Newborns sessions are best being done in the first 14 days after delivery. Is your photographer can guarantee that? how does he schedule the session. I encourage my clients to secure their session ahead of time and once they are on my schedule I can guarantee they will have a session within the perfect time for your baby!

If you have any questions or concers about the session, I am always more than happry to chat with my clients. Feel free to text me to 480-977-9883 or message me on

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