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"Why Dads Should Be Part of Newborn Photo Sessions: Capturing Precious Moments as a Family"


As a photographer specializing in newborn sessions, I've had the privilege of capturing countless tender moments between parents and their newest family members. While moms typically take center stage during these sessions (understandably so, given the incredible bond formed during pregnancy and childbirth), there's a growing recognition of the importance of including dads in these precious moments.

In my experience, involving dads in newborn photo sessions not only adds depth and richness to the imagery but also strengthens the family bond in immeasurable ways.

Celebrating Fatherhood: Welcoming a new baby into the world is a huge moment in a father's life. It's a time filled with joy, wonder, and perhaps a touch of nervousness. Including dads in newborn sessions allows them to actively participate in the celebration of their new role and the arrival of their precious bundle of joy.

Creating Lasting Memories: Newborn photography isn't just about capturing cute poses and adorable expressions; it's about freezing moments in time that you'll cherish for years to come. By including dads in the session, we can create powerful visual memories that tell the story of a father's love, tenderness, and connection with his child from the very beginning.

Creating Heirlooms for Generations: The photographs we create during newborn sessions aren't just for the here and now; they're heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come. By including dads in these images, we're not only preserving memories for the present but also creating a legacy that will be passed down through the family tree.

Most importantly, Dads are the BEST helpers! I love to see them engage with the decisions, choosing their baby's props and outfits and full be presence in the experience.

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