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First Pregnancy- how excited!

The excitement around first pregnancy is HUGE!

Along with tons of medical appointments, massive shopping, gender revival and sometime not feeling so great there is the decision weather to get maternity photos or not.

I learned over the years that there are 2 main reasons women use for why not... one is "I gained so much weight", "I look horrible", "I am not photogenic" the second one is- I don't have anything to wear...

It will not make a difference if I would say to you- you look beautiful, but I do promise you that I will make you FEEL beautiful, make you FEEL amazing, make you FEEL proud of yourself for creating LIFE. Once you feel that there is no doubt it will be shown in the images.

As for what to wear... no worries here... I have beautiful collection of maternity gowns which I collected over the years. I have fitted, wide, sheer, not sheer gowns. I promise we will find the perfect one for you.

I truly believe those images are will tell your beautiful family story.

This is how it all started...

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